Hard Work Pays Off

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Hard Work Pays Off

Hey there and welcome back to the blog! It’s Brandon back this week with you. If you’re reading this, then I would imagine you have seen all the action we have had going on around here. Lots of racing along with a lot of work! You thought the weekend of changing transmissions was enough? Not quite! I roughed up my engine a little bit on Friday of the Fall Bracket. Round 1 I noticed an issue with my first entry and ended up at the end of the weekend driving Daniel’s dragster, Uncle Steve’s 55, and Johnny’s Camaro before it was all over. And if you’re wondering, no I did not have much luck with any of them!

We had lots of racing going on doing 2 races on Saturday with wet weather coming for Sunday. So, we got up in the morning and headed back to the Ogilvie’s to start the process of getting the hurt engine out and putting the spare in.

We took our time getting through the engine swap as we were also celebrating Vicki’s birthday, so we finished it off on the holiday Monday. It fired up smooth right off the hit and we were ready to roll for the next weekend.

So fast forward through the week and we get back to the track. The slow engine turned out to be an awesome set up and was ridiculously consistent. The first race of the weekend started off hot but still ended earlier than planned. But we were fortunate they planned a couple of shootout races for Saturday evening. The first shootout was 16 cars and the second was an 8-car shootout. I worked my way down to the finals in both where I won the 8-car race and was runner up in the 16.

Sunday, we got to spend the morning at the canteen for the racer’s appreciation breakfast. Now I’m not a big breakfast guy but the potato/hashbrown casserole really stole the show for me. Special shoutout to the sausage and Troy’s beans that I covered my pancakes with.

Continuing on into the day, my new set up was once again flat nasty for the whole event and I was pretty good too. I managed to park the dragster back in the winner's circle, capping off a great weekend. It looks like I am starting to find my rhythm once again and hope I can carry this momentum through to the last few weekends of the season.

Oh ya and if you’re keeping track, we are only 2 and a half weeks away from the wedding!

See you next time, 

Brandon Barker

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  • Beans on pancakes ….yuck.

    Paul Psaila

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