Wild Willy – Speed Detailer, Ceramic Spray and Wipe Protectant

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Speed Detailer - Ceramic Spray and Wipe Protectant !

Now you can add durable streak free ceramic protection, water beading and shine to your paint, wheels glass, headlights, tail lights and more!

Use it between washes, on top of waxes, or to maintain your favourite ceramic coating, on treated or non treated vehicles!

Most other ceramics often rely on polymer or resin based formulas that are temperamental and difficult for most people to use. Unlike other ceramic sprays that require intense surface prep, Speed Detailer can be applied streak free between washes, at shows, between runs at the track, and on virtually any exterior surface in mere seconds!  

Achieve Brilliant Shine In Seconds

By using the active Si02 ingredient in liquid form, Speed Detailer seals the surface of your paint , creating a superior mirror reflection and an intense ceramic crystalline shine. By adding incredible depth and clarity to any paint colour Speed detailer gives all colours a streak free show car quality shine! Whether you have a ceramic coated car that you want to enhance or are looking to add incredible water beading, shine and protection to an uncoated car, Speed detailer is the fastest and easiest way to do it!

Directions for Use

 For best results, do not apply in direct sunlight and make sure the surface is cool to the touch before applying. 

Shake well. Spray onto the surface working oner section at a time. Use a clean microfiber towel to gently wipe the area clean. No need to buff

Use between washes to ensure a brilliant finish with durable protection.