Wild Willy Heavy Duty Odor Eliminator - Professional Strength

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High Performance Odor Eliminator that actually works!!

Designed for, and safe to use on hard to clean surfaces such as helmets, firesuits, seats, headliners, air ducts, body armor, shoes, wrestling mats, workout rooms, etc.

Easy Spray and Let it Work!

Removes Odors and Leaves a Very Light, Pleasant, Fresh and Clean Scent

16 oz Bottle Lasts a Long Time!

How To Use

Simply Add to Fuel of Your Choice / Easy!
Mixes Clear in All Motor Fuels!!

1 Bottle Treats -
12-20 Gallons of Gas
55 Gallons of Methanol
8-16 Gallons of Diesel Fuel

3X Triple Strength, Track Tested!!

Where To Use: For professional racing and off-road use only

Safe for Use In: 2 Cycle and 4 Cycle Engines
Safe in All Motor Fuels
Blower and Turbo Safe
Will not clog or damage sensors
Laboratory Tested For No Soot or Gum!