5 Things To Buy Your Partner for Valentine's Day

5 Things To Buy Your Partner for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and I don’t know about you, but trying to find a Valentine’s Day gift for Brandon that isn’t chocolate or cologne is never easy! I’ve always believed that a meaningful or useful gift is SO much better than a cheesy gift from the store. So to help all of you out this year, I’ve compiled a few gift ideas I think your partner might enjoy:

  1. Wild Willy Fuel Fragrance/ BracketLife Apparel: Of course, I always believe that one of the best gifts you can get your partner is something from our shop! You can never go wrong with a new racing t-shirt or hoodie. And what’s even better this year, is that we offer Wild Willy Fuel Fragrance. Instead of getting him/her the same perfume or cologne they always wear, why not get them a nice scent for their race car to smell good too!
  1. Photobook from Shutterfly: Every year for Valentine’s Day, I’ve gotten Brandon a photobook. I call it like a ‘Year In Review’ if you will, and it is basically a summary of our year together in photos. We love looking back at these books every now and again, and they make excellent memory books to remind you of all the great memories 10+ years from now. Shutterfly always has a Valentine’s Day sale, so you can get a custom photobook for as cheap as $25 USD.
  1. Steering Wheel/ Fire Suit and/or Accessories: If your partner is like mine, then they love getting anything racing related. And the good part about this type of gift is that you know they will use it. Items like a new steering wheel, helmet, gloves, haans, shoes, fire suit, etc. are all great gift ideas that they WILL use. They obviously range in pricing based on what type/brand you are purchasing – but are great gift ideas that we don’t normally think about!
  1. An Experience: If you have a partner that doesn’t really care for gifts, then maybe gifting them an experience is better than a physical gift. Is there a concert, or event happening that they’ve really been wanting to go to? A new restaurant? Spa? Weekend Getaway Trip? The options for this are truly endless, but it is a great way for the two of you to enjoy an experience together!
  1. AirPods: This might sound like a funny gift idea, but I gifted Brandon a set of AirPods a few months back and he loves them! I never thought he would wear them, but they are perfect for listening to podcasts in the house, watching funny videos on your phone (while the other person is actually watching tv, lol), going to the gym, and even to jump on zoom meetings with! They are relatively cheap, and if you have a lot of VISA points then hey you might even be able to get them free like I did, lol!

I hope these gift ideas are helpful for Valentine’s Day! Let me know below what your favourite Valentine’s Day gift was that you’ve received. It might just help other readers with their shopping. 

Catch you next-next week,

Rachel Barker

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