10 Things to Buy Your Husband for Christmas

10 Things to Buy Your Husband for Christmas

What’s up BracketLifer’s! Are we in the Christmas Spirit yet?! I don’t know about you, but life has been SO crazy these past few weeks that I’ve barely had a chance to think about Christmas. But Black Friday is NEXT week, and all the incredible holiday deals are popping up everywhere, so I guess that means we need to start Christmas shopping soon!

Personally, I really need to pull my socks up and get shopping, because Brandon and I are headed to Mexico for our honeymoon the week before Christmas! My goal is to start Christmas shopping this weekend and be done by the first week of December – wish me luck!!

 If you read Brandon’s blog post last week, then you know he wrote about what was on his Christmas list. But, unless I win the lottery tomorrow, it’s not looking like I can afford to buy those gifts for him. Soo … here is my version of ‘What to Buy Your Husband for Christmas’, without breaking the bank! Let’s hope he doesn’t read this, haha.

  1. Portatree Pocket: If your husband doesn’t have a pocket-sized practice tree, he needs one! The Portatree Pocket is a handheld practice tree, that can easily fit in his jeans or coat pocket. I love this practice tree the most, because when you get a few minutes to yourself, you can easily whip it out and make some hits! It can be challenging to find time to make practice hits, but this practice tree eliminates that excuse allowing him to make hits anywhere.
  2. Wild Willy Fuel Fragrance & Fuel Lube: Fuel fragrance and lube are awesome stocking stuffers because they are small in size, yet incredibly useful! Fuel lube is a must for those who have race cars that run on alcohol, and fragrance is just a cool way to mix things up at the track. Over the last few years, fuel fragrances have become popular, and Wild Willy has done an amazing job at creating realistic and great smelling scents. If you are looking for a great fuel lube, look no further than Finish Line Motorsports Top Lube. If you’re looking to purchase either of these, keep your eyes peeled. These products will be available through our online shop VERY soon.
  3. Custom Fire Suit: Looking to splurge on a gift for your husband? Design a custom fire suit for him! I don’t know a single racer who doesn’t want a sweet looking jacket with all their racing team and sponsor logos on it! Need help designing a fire suit? Click here.
  4. Helmet Visors: Last year, Brandon asked for a few different visors with different tints, and it made for the perfect gift. They aren’t overly expensive and can be very helpful for racers who race during different times of the day or at different tracks. Depending on where the sun is positioned, it can impact which visor to wear. Your husband will definitely thank you when his reaction time improves next year!
  5. Pro-1 Safety Seat Belts: Seat belts are one of those things you MUST have in your race car to keep you safe. If your husband hasn’t upgraded his seat belts lately, this might be a great gift for him! They are never on the top of the list to purchase but should be replaced more frequently than one might think!
  6. BracketLife Apparel: Of course, I am incredibly bias, but I truly believe that our apparel would make an excellent Christmas gift for your husband. I mean, I know how much my husband loves his racing shirts – it’s practically his entire wardrobe – so why not add to it? If you are looking for a shirt that is a little more stylish, check out our long sleeve shirt!
  7. NHRA.tv Subscription: The off-season can feel incredibly long for us racers, especially if you live in an area that gets snow. One way to stay busy is to watch the NHRA National Events through NHRA.tv. This will hopefully help your husband from going stir-crazy when he is not on track racing. It’s roughly $18.99/ per event or $119.99 for the year.
  8. Butcher Shop & BBQ tools: If your husband enjoys cooking, or more specifically BBQing, then this would be a great gift for him. If he doesn’t – well skip this gift idea, LOL! Personally, my husband loves to go to the butcher shop and pick out the perfect steak to cook on the BBQ, so a butcher shop gift card from your local butcher might not be a bad idea. Another great gift could be different BBQ tools you could use at the racetrack. For example, Brandon was gifted a rib rack, pizza stone, and cast-iron pan for the BBQ and he was in heaven.
  9. TIBR Elite Membership: If your husband is looking to improve his racing skills, ThisIsBracketRacing Elite is exactly what he needs! Luke Bogaki has done an incredible job at developing training courses to improve your skills both on and off the track. Your husband would also get access to an entire community where he can lean on other community members for advice and attend live training calls with Luke and other credible racers. Registration is only open a few times a year, and it is opening soon I believe!
  10. Tickets to a NHRA National Event: Going to spectate at a drag race may not sound entirely fun. But when it comes to national events, they are actually a lot of fun and make for a great experience. There are many races in April + May (before racing starts in Canada) and as late as November. I’d definitely consider checking out the National Events in Las Vegas, Florida and Indianapolis if you can!

Well, I hope these gift ideas are helpful! Let me know if you end up purchasing any of these for your husband (or even wife for that matter)!

Catch you next-next week,

Rachel Barker

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